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These include silicon based dynamic and static random access memory (RAM), magnetic hard disk drives, optical disks (including write once read many [WORM], magneto/optic, CD-ROM, and DVD disk, and magnetic tape.
In the latter, magnetic particles must be "frozen" with the desired orientation when the compound is still in a semimolten state.
The opposing magnetic orientations make the entire multilayer structure appear much thinner than it actually is.
The subjects were exposed to the generated magnetic field using the intermittent exposure protocol described by Graham et al.
The effects of magnetic fields on CRT monitors - and the resulting distortion - have been recognized for many years and have become increasingly familiar over the last eight years as computer terminals have proliferated.
The second type of plasma flow also intensifies the remnant magnetic fields.
In this work, as part of the UCN lifetime experiment presently underway at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [1-3], we present detailed neutron trajectory simulations in an Ioffe-type supercon-ducting magnetic trap.
The recording layer is a mixture of 80% magnetic particle and 20% binder materials.
It is typically at the exit of the car shredder that you rind the first magnetic process with the presence of one, two or three electromagnetic drums (usually with diameters ranging from 48 to 60 inches) placed a row to serve two purposes: 1) to collect the ferrous portion of the stream, and; 2) to clean (or liberate) the ferrous from the nonferrous material dragged along with it.
For years, fear kept the use of magnetic mold mounting systems on the sidelines as a competitor to mechanical or hydraulic mold-clamping systems.
Magnetic fluid or magneto-fluid is a kind of colloidal solution with ultrafine ferromagnetic particles with grain diameter of 10 nm and interfacial agent dispersed steadily in liquid.
Like a bar magnet, Earth's magnetic field has two poles.