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She acknowledges the substantial agreements between various feminist positions and Vatican positions as well as the critiques leveled by magisterial documents against cultural engagement with certain forms of feminist thought and those leveled against the Vatican theology by feminism.
The state government has also decided to seek a report from the Delhi Police on the incident and a magisterial inquiry will also look into the measures taken by the Delhi Police and other concerned authorities.
FRERE's magisterial history has been republished by the Folio Society.
The cast, which possessed a rare cohesiveness, was dominated by the magisterial performance of Kim Begley.
The subject of Paul Saenger's innovative and magisterial book, published in hardback by Stanford University Press in 1997, is `the space between words' in writing.
It sounds as if it were designed along the magisterial lines of a corrugated U-Stor-It facility.
His The Social Agenda: A Collection of Magisterial Texts is a 225-page book containing nearly 370 quotations from some 75 Church documents, which was released at the Vatican last April.
The Evening Telegraph reported on Wednesday that members of the union Amo (Association of Magisterial Officers) were set to strike in a row over pay, which could see some people being forced to take pay cuts.
This magisterial account of fourteen hundred years--from the birth of Christ to the fall of Constantinople--is enhanced by a classical binding design and two gold-blocked slipcases.
The majority--the same five justices who gave the keys to the White House to the loser of the popular presidential vote in 2000--based its ruling on slim, minor precedents and essentially ignored the bulk of constitutional law on the subject since the magisterial 1947 Everson decision.
If true, it is a measure of the evolution of Protestantism, since none of the Magisterial Reformers would have agreed.
Coming in at 550 pages, it is a magisterial history, ranging from the Bronze Age to the present, of public debt and how it changed the balance of power between nations.