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The Royal Free Hospital. A large NHS teaching hospital in Hampstead, near central London, which houses part of the UCL medical school and belongs to the Royal Free Hampstead Trust.

Areas of interest
HIV, hepatology, transplantation.


1. Devoid of, as in cell-free, gluten-free, or sugar-free.
2. Natural, wild, or unrestrained, as in freerange or freespirit.
3. Available at no cost; gratis.
4. Unbound by proteins in the plasma, and therefore biologically active.


not tied; unconfined.

free bullet humane killer
see humane killer.
free electricity
the presence of uncontrolled electrical current in solid materials at low amperages and voltages, usually due to faulty wiring and poor earthing (grounding) of the electrical power system. It causes restlessness, and failure of letdown of milk. In some cases when the circumstances are suitable there may be stunning of animals and rarely fatal electrocution.
free fatty acids
most fatty acids in the body are combined with alcohols in the form of triglycerides. Free fatty acids are produced during digestion and metabolism but most of them in the circulation are combined with protein during this phase.
free fluid
fluid in the body, other than in the alimentary or urinary tracts, which is not part of tissue fluid but free in a body cavity or as a discrete mass in an organ.
free gas bloat
see ruminal tympany.
free hormone hypothesis
the unbound fraction of hormone is the indicator of what is available to tissues, available for metabolism and excretion. See also free thyroxine.
free return
a return of service for a mare to the same stallion in the next season if she does not produce a live foal.
free stall housing
cow accommodation in which there are enough stalls for each cow to have one but the cows are not tied in; they are free to lie down in a cubicle or to feed or to seek other cows coming on heat.
free T4 index
see free thyroxine.
free water clearance
the capacity to excrete urine of lower osmolality than plasma, thus avoiding depletion of salt reserves.

Patient discussion about free

Q. is this a free service?

A. yes this is a 100% free site

Q. I have RA and would like to know is there anything i can do to keep my moovement free is walking ok how mush and how long

A. my grandma has it too, from what i understand - every patient is different. but it takes several of years. i recommend also taking Omega 3 fatty acids, they were proven to slow inflammation and RA is an inflammatory process. other then that the information above seems very good, i'll keep it in mind and try to implement it and help my grandma :)

Q. How can I go about finding a free depression support group where I live? would like to find a depression support group in my area. How do I go about finding one? Google searches are turning up nothing.

A. Call the help desk or receptionist of your local or nearest hospital or medical clinic.

You could go to an AA meeting in your local community. A lot of people there are depressed. That's what those meetings do for people, they are a support group.

You could also start one and put a community notice in your local paper.

Get together with others you trust and talk.

Call home and talk.

Find a friend and talk.

I pray. God listens.

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Even if our defense holds the opposing team to 40 percent shooting from the field, that, combined with made free throws, can mean 20 to 35 chances per game to fast break off of a made shot.
The sales agreement stated that system delivery would be made free on board taxpayer's place of business, and title and risk of loss would pass to the customer on delivery to the carrier.
He begins by recounting Evelyn Waugh's description of his Catholic life as "an endless delighted tour of discovery in the huge territory of which I was made free.
Shingles that can be processed and made free of contaminants contain oils and other substances that make them ideal for the asphalt mixing process.
All Tivall products are made free from cholesterol, preservatives and artificial colouring and contain B-Group vitamins.
Instead, with every good intention, the government made free or subsidized nursing home care available through Medicaid.
Vest Financial Services has made free tax preparation available on its website.
In general, leases and purchases of tangible personal property to Indians, Indian bands, and band-empowered entities may be made free of GST/HST if certain conditions are met.
Countless others made free sacrifices to create and sustain the world we live in, to defend our rights, prepare our bread, make our homes, educate our minds, nurse our wounds.
Powell, heir to Berthelet's business as well as his assistant (Duff, 124), was made free of the Stationers' Company in 1556; his name appears in the incorporating charter of the company (Arber, 1:35; 1:xxxiii).
The work of Smith and then David Ricardo established the modern subject of economics and made free trade the benchmark from which discussion proceeded.