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1. The dried and powdered root of Rubia tinctorum (family Rubiaceae); it contains several glycosides that produce the red dyes alizarin and purpurin on fermentation. When madder (or alizarin) is fed to young animals, the calcium in newly deposited bone salt, hydroxyapatite, is stained red.
2. Any dye obtained from plants of the madder family (Rubiaceae).
Synonym(s): Turkey red
[A.S. maedere]


Root of the plant Rubia tinctorum, a source of the red dye alizarin.

madder (maˑ·dr),

n Latin name:
Rubia tinctorum; part used: roots; uses: kidney stones, paralysis, menstrual problems, jaundice; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; possible hepatotoxicity. Also called
dyer's madder, garance, krapp, madder root, or
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Michael Madder, organiser of the Coventry Beer Festival, tries out some of the supplies .
Last seen in Birmingham at around that time in a double bill with Soul Coughing, the Madders have further pursued this ethereal trail.
Mr Madder said: "Far from dying, this shows there is a future for home- grown real ale.
Mr Madder added: ``People come from Yorkshire, Somerset, Hereford and Worcester for the festival.
For orange, Das uses annatto (Bixa orellana) and for all shades of red (light red to maroon) as in Surya (Sun, figure 7) he uses Indian Madder (manjisthai Rubia cordifolia).
The privates' coats were coloured red with a dye derived from the root of the madder plant.
It's going to be extremely hard because teams get more and more fired up and madder and madder that you keep winning," Horry told 7DAYS.
We have discovered a NIRS signature of the plaques which caused myocardial infarction, a leading cause of death and injury worldwide," Ryan Madder, MD, a Spectrum Health interventional cardiologist and principal investigator of the study, said.
Organiser Mick Madder, from the Coventry and North Warwickshire branch of CAMRA, said: "This beer festival has been building for a number of years now.
Deal or no Deal TV3 - Friday, 8pm & 9pm THE genius to this Irish version of the top-rated Channel 4 show is how host Keith Barry manages to be both better, and madder, than UK host Noel Edmonds.
OK, it's a crazy idea but is it any madder than the sheikhs building their property empire on sand and our gobshites constructing housing estates on flood plains?
Carpets are dyed often by the madder plant which lends them brilliant reds--but the color and dyers' traditions threaten to die back, and reporter Brian Murphy is just as determined to capture the magic, methods and allure of these carpets in his survey of the Persian carpet.