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It was hypothesized that macropterous individuals exhibit higher mobility and dispersal range than brachypterous individuals.
Naturally, this species is in the limigenus group (Poisson 1949), which is characterized as being macropterous with alary dimorphism rare, and with the posterolateral angles of the pronotum rounded.
biforma is dimorphic, with both brachypterous and macropterous forms, and both forms display variation with respect to coloration and various measurements, the description of A.
In general, micropterous females reproduce earlier and have a higher fecundity than macropterous females (Roff 1986a; Denno et al.
Because the eggs used in this experiment were taken from a largely macropterous population in New Jersey and a primarily brachypterous population in Florida, it could be argued that maternal effects might contribute to any observed differences in wing form between populations.
Macropterous, wings broad and elongate, well exceeding abdomen, held steeply tectiform (almost parallel to body) in repose.
Description of the first Recent macropterous species of Vianaidinae (Heteroptera: Tingidae) with comments on the phylogenetic relationships of the family within the Cimicomoprha.
All described members of Physoderinae are macropterous, brachypterous specimens probably representing an undescribed species of Physoderes have been deposited in some collections (W.
This species occurs in macropterous form with two distinguish color forms: shinning yellow and dark green.
Most species are macropterous, with their tegmina used in flight as well as sound generation--but in many brachypterous species, tegmina are shortened and function solely in sound generation.