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Plasma globulins of unusually large molecular weight, for example, as much as 1,000,000; α2-macroglobulin inhibits thrombin and other proteases.
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The senior investigator in whose lab I worked, Henry Metzger, was involved in defining the structure of macroglobulin (immunoglobulin M or IgM), using plasma from patients with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia.
Because this Waldenstrom macroglobulin was one of the first human monoclonal antibodies described and because of its clinical relevance, I was interested in pursuing it.
The valence of a Waldenstrom macroglobulin antibody and further thoughts on the significance of paraprotein antibodies.
Production of conformation-specific monoclonal antibodies against [alpha]2 macroglobulin and their use for quantitation of total and transformed [alpha]2 macroglobulin in human blood.