Pertaining to, characterized by, or containing lymphangioma.
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lymphangiomatous, lymphangiectatic, telangiectatic and keloidal variants among others.
Two of these patients had lymphangiomatous macroglossia (LM), 1 had lymphangioma circumscriptum (LC), and 2 had a venous malformation (VM).
Lymphangiomatous macroglossia (LM) has been treated with aspiration of the lymphatic fluid and either instillation or direct injection of sclerosing agents such as Ethibloc, pure ethanol, sodium tetradecyl sulfate, hypertonic saline, OK-432 (a killed strain of group A Streptococcus), bleomycin, or boiling water.
In this article, we describe our early experience with the use of bipolar radiofrequency-induced interstitial thermoablation (BRIT) for the treatment of lymphangiomatous and venous lesions of the oral cavity.
These cases had been published under various terms, including lymphangioma, lymphangiomyoma, lymphangiopericytoma, leiomyomatosis, lymphangiomatous malformation, and intrathoracic angiomatous hyperplasia.
Lymphangioma-like KS, also referred to as lymphangiomatous KS, contains ectatic and interanastomosing vascular channels frequently devoid of erythrocytes (Figure 3B).
Microscopic examination revealed these cystic spaces to be lymphangiomatous malformations (Fig.
Lymphangiomatous hamartoma (cystic hygroma) of the mediastinum associated with a communication between the thoracic duct and pericardial space (40) also has caused chylopericardium.
Examination revealed a massive lymphangiomatous malformation of the oral tongue (figure 2) that appeared to extend down into the tissues of the neck.
The vast majority of endothelial cysts are lymphangiomatous in origin ([is greater than] 90%) and are thought to arise from abnormal lymphatic development.
Abdominal pain secondary to a lymphangiomatous cyst of the adrenal: case report and review of the literature.
Anomalous lymphangiomatous (Figure 2, A) and hemangiomatous (Figure 2, B) structures merge imperceptibly with deranged fascicles of muscle fibers in a background of marked collagenous fibrosis.