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Morphometric comparison of the respiratory organs in the south american lungfish Lepidosiren paradoxa (Dipnoi).
Granddad was one of three other Australian lungfish who are exhibited at the aquarium, one of which is an African lungfish who is scheduled to go on display soon.
While social relationships and impacts remained important to the internal operation of the campaign, by the time I started my fieldwork in 2008 the campaign's public focus on the EPBC Act and impacts on protected species such as the Australian Lungfish had come to dominate any human concerns.
The configuration of ridges, ridge angles, and the presence of either sharp or blunt crests can be used to divide lungfish taxa into functional modalities.
Nonetheless, when I listened to Higgs' recent solo album, the double CD Say God, the listening experience was so intensely saturating, aggravating, and beautifully disconcerting that I found myself turning to Lungfish for light relief.
Another author I truly love is Homer Smith, who wrote a novel called Kamongo, or The Lungfish and the Padre (1932).
Among his examples are the chemical defense of the bombardier beetle, the lungfish surviving without oxygen, jet propulsion, gecko feet, termite towers, fire and smoke detectors, and plant communication.
Primitive larynges also are met in the African lungfish (Protopterus), the Australian lungfish (the Barramundi, Neoceratodus), and in the Amazon mud fish (Lepidosiren).
David Attenborough, left, explores how amphibians first took to dry land, taking many clues from the Australian lungfish and the Japanese giant salamander.
The University of Queensland has been given funding to establish a freshwater species conservation centre at the dam site to research vulnerable species such as the Queensland lungfish, Mary River cod, Mary River turtle and southern barred frog.