luminous efficacy

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efficacy, luminous

The amount of light emitted by a lamp for each watt of power consumed. It is expressed in lumens/watt.
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1, the luminous efficacy of all the three measured luminaire types reduced when the luminaires were dimmed.
Industry-leading luminous efficacy of 91 lm/W achieved within the 25W-class
05lm/W by 2020 as the luminous efficacy is expected to further increase from 100lm/W to 120lm/W by 2020.
On average, outdoor luminaires had higher luminous efficacy than indoor luminaires, with averages of 54.
OLED manufacturers today typically quote three parameters for their white light products: luminous efficacy (lumens per watt), luminance (candelas per sq meter) and lifetime (hours).
This is a new, addition-curing silicone rubber of medium viscosity that cures to yield a very transparent, high-Shore elastomer that confers high luminous efficacy in optical applications.
The power consumption, luminous efficacy, color temperature and S/P-ratio of each luminaire are given in Table 2.
LIST OF CHARTS SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT 1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2012 30 2 Selected High Efficiency Lighting Prices, 2002-2022 53 SECTION III -- TECHNOLOGY & CRITICAL COMPONENTS 1 Luminous Efficacy of Selected Light Sources 72 2 Light Quality of Selected Light Sources 74 SECTION IV -- PRODUCTS 1 High Efficiency Lighting Demand by Product, 2012 96 SECTION V -- MARKETS 1 High Efficiency Lighting Demand by Market, 2012 137 SECTION VI -- REGIONS 1 High Efficiency Lighting Demand by Region, 2012 186 SECTION VII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 High Efficiency Lighting Market Share by Company, 2012 214
Beside their excellent luminous efficacy and color rendering modern HID lamps are assigned for high luminance at high luminous flux.
Using the all-phosphorescent SOLED design, the company's 15 x 15 cm2 white OLED lighting panel achieves 90,000 hours (to 70% of an initial luminance of 1,000 cd/m2), a luminous efficacy of 55 lumens per Watt (lm/W) and a color rendering index (CRI) of 86.
OVERVIEW 64 Lamp Demand 64 Demand by Value 65 Demand by Volume 68 Lamp Foreign Trade 69 Imports 71 Exports 73 Lamp Shipments 75 Lighting Industry Overview 76 Lamp Characteristics 78 Luminous Efficacy 78 Light Quality 81 Lighting Fixtures 83 Other Lamp Characteristics 85 Light Emitting Diodes 86 IV.
LEDs are much more energy efficient than traditional light sources, so the GL-PL0303DA panels offer a luminous efficacy of up to 64.