lumbar puncture needle

lum·bar punc·ture nee·dle

a needle, provided with a stylet, for entering the spinal canal or cisterna magna, with a bore of at least 1 mm and 40 mm or more in length.
Synonym(s): spinal needle
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The apprentice HGV mechanic had gone to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham as part of his leukaemia treatment on January 4 to be given an injection of Cytosine via a lumbar puncture needle.
Lumbar puncture needle with stylet, special features: attach luer lock; size: 22g; length: 8-9 inches; sterile: s; (needle spinal no.
Lumbar puncture needle (raqui # 22) descartable,lumbar puncture needle (raqui # 25) descartable,anesthesia 1 litre bag,bag for anesthesia 500 ml
9% NaCl individual packaging;Lot 13 syringes pre-heparinized individually wrapped;Lot-14 Lumbar puncture needles individually wrapped;Lot 15 Needles Tuohy with centimeter markings individually wrapped;Lot-16 Needle Biopsy Chiba with centimeter markings individually wrapped;Lot-17 spinal needles;Lot-18 hybrid Anesthesia Needles stimulation and echogenic short bevel.