lower limb

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1. one of the paired appendages of the body used in locomotion and grasping; see arm and leg. Called also member, membrum, and extremity.
2. a structure or part resembling an arm or leg.
anacrotic limb ascending limb (def. 2).
artificial limb a replacement for a missing limb; see also prosthesis.
ascending limb
1. the distal part of Henle's loop.
2. the ascending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also anacrotic limb.
catacrotic limb descending limb (def. 2).
descending limb
1. the proximal part of Henle's loop.
2. the descending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also catacrotic limb.
lower limb the limb of the body extending from the gluteal region to the foot; it is specialized for weight-bearing and locomotion. See also leg.
pectoral limb the arm (upper limb), or a homologous part.
pelvic limb the leg (lower limb), or a homologous part.
phantom limb the sensation, after amputation of a limb, that the absent part is still present; there may also be paresthesias, transient aches, and intermittent or continuous pain perceived as originating in the absent limb.
residual limb stump.
thoracic limb pectoral limb.
upper limb the limb of the body extending from the deltoid region to the hand; it is specialized for functions requiring great mobility, such as grasping and manipulating. See also arm.

low·er limb

the hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot.

low·er limb

(lō'ĕr lim) [TA]
The hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot.
Synonym(s): lower extremity.
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THE SAGE GROUP, a research and consulting company, specializes in atherosclerotic disease in the lower limbs, specifically PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease), CLI (Critical Limb Ischemia) and ALI (Acute Limb Ischemia) as well as PAD and diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).
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Once freed from beneath the vehicle, crews treated the woman for serious lower limb injuries.
He was transferred toNevill HallHospitalwith serious lower limb injuries.
Podiatrist Kate Millns wants to see everyone in the peak of health - at least as far as their feet and lower limbs are concerned.
4 Notes: N = sample size; BMI = body mass index; RLLL = right lower limb length; LLLL = left lower limb length.
Jo Burton works at Rookwood Hospital, Llandaff, Cardiff, providing rehabilitation for people who have had a lower limb amputation.