Bellini duct carcinoma

(redirected from low-grade collecting duct carcinoma)

collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney

an aggressive form of renal carcinoma, presumably originating from collecting ducts.

Bellini duct carcinoma

An uncommon type of kidney cancer (1–3%) which arises in the duct of Bellini of the kidney, which was underdiagnosed in the past as renal cell carcinoma (RCC) or a subtype of RCC. In contrast to common varieties of RCs, Bellini duct carcinoma (BDC) does not respond well to the chemotherapy used for RCC and is more aggressive, with one small series reporting a 2-year survival of 20%.
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Low-grade collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney: report of 13 cases of low-grade mucinous tubulocystic renal carcinoma of possible collecting duct origin.

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