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The science concerned with the production and effects of very low temperatures, particularly temperatures around that of liquid helium (< 4.25 K).
[cryo- + G. -gen, producing]
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Designed to fit into a relatively small area, they demonstrate the ability of low temperature technology to match the ice cream quality of conventional, more space-demanding equipment.
Ethylene terpolymers provide impact resistance over a broad temperature range, particularly at low temperatures, for various thermoplastics.
Table 77: Rest of Europe 15-Year Perspective forSterilization Equipment and Supplies by Segment - PercentageBreakdown of Revenues for Filtration Sterilization, HeatSterilization, Low Temperature Sterilization, and RadiationSterilization Markets for Years 2006, 2014, and 2020(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-61
This report presents a new Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) project analysis covering SWOT, investment feasibility analysis as well as investment return analysis with related research conclusions and development trend analysis of China and Global Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) industry.
Our weather spotter called in from the foothills north of Glendale with a low temperature of 32 degrees'' Friday, said weather service specialist Stuart Seto.
The introduction of automotive hydraulic fluids with low viscosity at low temperature created a need for seals with enhanced sealing capability at low temperature.
Records for overnight low temperatures were rewritten Saturday from Utah's Salt Lake City, where temperatures fell to 12 below zero, to Indiana and south into Alabama, where Huntsville posted a low of 7.
Scientists have speculated that helium atoms do pair up to form diatomic molecules, but only at extremely low temperatures.
The acquisition of the Cryomastor group and their newly developed ultra low temperature freezer will provide our company with a tremendous growth opportunity.
The company has introduced a range of low temperature control options for the Rosand range of capillary rheometers.
It manufactures superconducting magnets, wire and associated low temperature refrigeration equipment, the combination of which is especially useful in medical diagnostic imaging (MRI) systems.
Use of the FBC is expected to allow lower platinum loadings on after-treatment devices, reduce fuel-economy penalties of new low emissions engines, and improve low temperature regeneration of soot filters in difficult medium-duty urban drive conditions.

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