low osmolar contrast agent

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low osmolar contrast agent (LOCA),

nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.

low os·mo·lar con·trast a·gent

(lō oz-mō'lăr kon'trast ā'jĕnt)
Nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.
Synonym(s): low osmolar contrast medium, nonionic contrast agent.
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Omnipaque is the only nonionic, low osmolar contrast medium indicated for oral use(3).
In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of non ionic low osmolar contrast medium administration on oxidant/antioxidant status and NO levels in rat kidney tissues.
18) In this study, non ionic low osmolar contrast medium caused oxidative stress and some haemodynamic changes like decrease in NO level in the rat kidney tissues.
Coronary angiography and left ventriculographywere performed using just 80 cc lopromid (Ultravist 300, Schering AG, Germany): a nonionic low osmolar contrast medium containing approximately 300 mg/mL iodide.
Given the increase in patients with CKD and also with heart disease we wanted to investigate if there was a difference in renal and cardiovascular complications between the isosmolar contrast medium iodixanol and the low osmolar contrast medium iopromide," said Dr.

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