low forceps delivery

low for·ceps de·liv·er·y

delivery by forceps applied to the fetal head at station ≥ +2 cm and not on the pelvic floor. This classification of forceps delivery may be with or without rotation of the fetal head.
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Another interest literature report from United Kingdom in 2015 suggested Kielland's forceps has a similar rate of 3 [sup]rd - and 4 [sup]th -degree perineal tear compared with low forceps delivery.
When I stopped practicing obstetrics, the fresh-out-of-residency people coming into our practice couldn't do a low forceps delivery.
Women with low forceps delivery required prolonged hospitalization (Table 9).
In a 1971 review of 2,568 fetuses in the OP/OT position who were managed by a trial of manual rotation followed by low forceps delivery from 1951 to 1960, morbidity or mortality occurred in 0.