low blood sugar

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low blood sugar

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Q. What is hypoglycemia? What exactly is hypoglycemia and why is it so dangerous?

A. Hypoglycemia is the sudden decrease in blood glucose levels, to an amount where the body experiences signs and symptoms such as confusion, fast heart rate, altered consciousness state and even fainting. This is usually a result of medications taken for diabetes. In most cases, hypoglycemia is treated with sugary drinks or food. In severe cases, an injection of glucagon (a hormone with the opposite effects of insulin) or an intravenous infusion of dextrose is used for treatment, but usually only if the person is unconscious.

Q. I have Type II Diabetes, but have regular problems with low blood sugar levels. What should I do? I am an over 60 female who has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I was originally on Metformin, but my doctor discontinued it because I was having severe low blood sugar levels a lot (as low as 40). I have heard that putting me on insulin might help, but I don't see how since I have more low than high levels. Anyone have any suggestions or information about what I can do? (I do follow diabetic eating with proper food and frequent small meals, but that doesn't seem to help.)

A. i'm not sure about this but maybe because of your sensitivity to Metformin they want to move to insulin shots because they want accuracy. but as all it sounds a bit strange, cause most of the times they save that as a last resort. there's probably something else that's missing here...you asked them why insulin shots?

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If recurrent low blood sugar is diagnosed, the medication is either changed or changes in the diet are recommended to manage the sugar level," says Dr Mithal.
In addition to excessive exercise or a sudden increase in exercise, which caused Golic's episode, low blood sugar can be caused by skipping meals or irregular mealtimes and certain diabetes medications.
They know better than any nurse when they are in low blood sugar.
Low blood sugar can happen suddenly, and symptoms may be
Again she received excellent treatment in the hospital as they provided treatment to raise both her blood sugar level and her body temperature, which had fallen as a result of the very low blood sugar.
Cardiff Crown Court had heard that Phillip Willey, 45, of Barry, South Wales, was suffering from low blood sugar when he hit Suzanne Meredith and her husband Julian while they were taking an evening walk in May last year.
Cardiff Crown Court has been told that Mr Willey, diagnosed as an insulin-dependent Type I diabetic in 1995, was found to have low blood sugar after the accident.
The drops came without the shakiness, sweating, and racing heartbeat that usually alert a person to low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.
In one study of 114 patients with diabetes conducted in two public hospitals, researchers found only half of those with inadequate health literacy knew the symptoms of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, compared to 94 percent of those with adequate literacy.
Also, take care to avoid low blood sugar and never ignore fatigue.
When I was diagnosed I had low blood sugar a lot and I still have the occasional hypo (low blood sugar).
Migraine can be triggered by any number of factors, including a change in hormones (three out of four migraine sufferers are women), low blood sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, jet lag and emotional stress.