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n.pl nonoily treatments intended to be applied to the skin for a variety of cosmetic or medicinal purposes.

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Q. What are some good non-prescription lotions for psoriasis

A. from some reason- bathing in the "dead sea" in Israel helps psoriasis. i know they sell mud from the dead sea in malls all over the U.S. try it- could be useful.

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If you have ever looked on the ingredients list of a bottle of baby lotion, chances are that you have seen ingredients such as dimethicone, methylparaben, and fragrance.
The leave-in lotions are ready to use and can be applied after a shampoo or conditioner, as a final touch from the scalp to the tips, according to the company.
Christophe Robin's new finishing lotions with botanical vinegars are ideal for an instant refreshing effect .
However, according to Shiseido, because the caffeine simply decomposes the fat and does not burn it off, consumers who use the lotions need to exercise or undergo massage treatments in order to actually lose weight.
Bottled under the brand name Wet, Trygstad's products include lotions and gels in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from 50 cents to $50.
is pleased to announce the launch of the company's flagship high-end tanning lotion, WayTooTan Dark HYBRID TANNING SILICONE(TM) with rave reviews, at the upcoming Tanning World Expo on September 25-27, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.
The NHS also recommends you keep applying lotions, especially after swimming.
BABY LOTIONS: I'm reluctant to use lotion on Iona as she's only four weeks old.
I liked the pump dispenser and the non-greasy feel to the lotion.
The lotions are available in lightly fragranced and fragrance-free formulas.