loss ratio

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loss ratio,

n the relationship between the money paid out in benefits and the amount collected in premiums.
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HHS considered, but rejected, proposals that carriers must provide quantified data on the magnitude of quality improvements achieved before the activity's costs could be included in the medical loss ratio.
An insurer with 1,000 to 75,000 people enrolled for an entire calendar year is considered to have "partially credible" experience, and, accordingly, the regulation adds a "credibility adjustment" to its medical loss ratio.
These models measure the elasticity of the loss ratio with respect to changes in either premium volume or claim counts.
Advising agents with less than 3 percent growth and sub-20 percent loss ratios that they are not performing adequately.
The way to avoid confounding the statistical analysis due to the possible correlation of company loss ratios with, both incurred losses and credit scores is to use a relative loss ratio FOR each policy, where relative loss ratio is defined as the loss ratio for the policy divided by the average loss ratio for the insurer issuing the policy.
Insurers can effectively insure themselves by quickly and inexpensively freezing their projected catastrophic loss ratios regardless of the magnitude and frequency of subsequent actual catastrophes.
the second-largest writer of ocean marine in New Jersey, bucked the trend and its ocean marine adjusted loss ratio improved in 2012 to 76.
Using the estimated 147 loss ratio, the indemnity is forecasted to be about $8.
Ideally, we would like to estimate the correlation between the period t forecast error for an insurer's own loss ratio and the period t forecast error for the underlying index, where the forecasts are conditional on all information available at the beginning of period t.
The Florida small-group health market ended up with a loss ratio of 76.
This databook provides data on gross claims, paid claims, change in outstanding reserves, incurred loss, loss ratio percentage, commissions and expenses, combined ratio percentage and insurance fraud and crimes