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Q. is bone loss related to Arthritis?

A. It depends on the kind of arthritis. In some arthritic diseases there's local bone loss, and generalized bone loss (osteoporosis) may result from steroids used to treat arthritic diseases.

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Q. is there is any relation between not enough acid and arthritis?is bone loss is another factor in this decease?

A. Do you refer to less of acid secretion in the stomach (hypochlorhydia)? If so, then sjogren syndrome is a disease that cause both lack of acid in the stomach (due to chronic inflammation of the stomach, called atrophic gastritis) and arthritis (sometimes osteoarthritis).

Bone loss (osteoporosis) is actually associated with LOWER risk for osteoarthritis, although it has its own detrimental effects, so one should treat osteoporosis (and prevent osteoarthritis in other ways).

Q. Is osteoporosis preventable? My mother had osteoporosis and I already have osteopenia which may lead to it. How can I prevent it??

A. Prevention of osteoporosis, in it's strict sense, is done mainly during childhood through early adulthood (third decade) - the years during which the peak bone density is determined. At older age, treatment of osteoporosis, apart from medications, include vitamin D and calcium supplementation, physical activity and avoiding smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

There are also medications to treat osteoporosis, mainly from the bisphosphanate class. However, remember to consult your doctor before you make any change in your diet or start exercise program.

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Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by loss of bone and structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to an increased susceptibility to fractures in the hip, spine and wrist.
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Several medications are now available that can slow the loss of bone and even replace lost bone
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As the population continues to age, this policy would mean getting more at-risk men into appropriate therapies to slow or stop the loss of bone before they experience a life-threatening fracture.
Melbourne, Sept 29 (ANI): Scientists from University of New South Wales in Sydney claim to have found the reason why long-term exposure to microgravity causes loss of bone density and muscle wasting in astronauts.
The rapid loss of bone mass encountered by astronauts in space has long been a concern and a significant limitation to the long-term duration of space travel.
After the occurrence of menopause, the natural decrease in estrogen produced by a woman's body leads to accelerated loss of bone, which may increase the risk for osteoporosis and fractures.
If that is indeed the case, existing treatments, such as bisphosphonates, may be able to prevent this early loss of bone," he added.