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Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.


Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.


(lor-dō′sĭs) [Gr lordōsis, a bending backward.]
Anterior convexity of the lumbar spine.
lordotic (-dot′ik), adjective
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Therefore, when contracted bilaterally during a symmetrical activity, such as lifting in a lordotic posture, the lumbar fibres of iliocostalis lumborum and longissimus thoracis have the potential to produce large posterior translation and resist anterior shear forces acting on the lumbar spine (Macintosh and Bogduk 1991).
The article quoted clearly shows that the authors understood that femoral abduction could contribute to a lordotic curve in the lumbar spine.
1) Compensatory curves are lordotic and are described as being convex anterior (concave posterior).
This pattern of poor bio-mechanics can contribute to a lordotic curve.
Methodic assessment is done using the lordotic lines of the spine (Fig 3).
49 Other microscopic examination COSTAR(c) TB234 AFB smear COSTAR TB850 AFB culture and sensitivity Radiology codes CPT 71010 Chest, single view, frontal CPT 71020 Chest, two views, frontal and lateral CPT 71021 Chest with apical lordotic procedure CPT 71030 Chest, complete, minimum of four views CPT 71250 CT, thorax, without contrast CPT 71260 CT, thorax, with contrast CPT 71270 CT, thorax, without contrast, followed by contrast CPT 71550 MRI(d) chest CPT 71555 MRI chest (excluding myocardium) ICD-9 procedure 87.
The positional films often show malalignment of vertebrae in the area of the damaged ligament, such as loss of the normal lordotic curve.
This atmosfrenzy bothered me, lordotic arching of my sketch of spine, my vents were riddled by their sickening music.
Following the US FDA approval, the company will introduce COALESCE for TLIF and PLIF procedures in multiple footprint, height and lordotic angle configurations later this year.
Also, as part of the cervical iGA platform, the Company will be launching the CoRoent Small InterlockTM Hyperlordotic system, the first anterior cervical interfixated implant designed to treat cervical alignment deformities by offering multiple lordotic options to address patient-specific correction.
The curvatures were obtained with an inelastic flexible ruler placed from the spinous processes of T1 to that of T12 and from T12 to S2 for thoracic kyphotic and lumbar lordotic curvatures respectively in line with earlier procedures.