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Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.


Pertaining to or marked by lordosis.


(lor-dō′sĭs) [Gr lordōsis, a bending backward.]
Anterior convexity of the lumbar spine.
lordotic (-dot′ik), adjective
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The transition from a lordotic lumbar posture to a fully flexed lumbar spine alters the geometry of the upper erector spinae and lumbar erector spinae, potentially reducing their ability to generate extensor torque and resist anterior shear (Figure 2).
The articulated self-guidance feature enables easy and optimal access while providing a large footprint coupled with controlled expansion for lordotic correction," he said.
Righting the tilt posture of the pelvis to a healthy sacral base angle will then allow for the return of a healthy lumbar lordotic curve.
Christophe Lavigne, President and CEO of LDR, comments, "We are excited to strengthen our worldwide leadership in stand-alone device innovation by introducing the ROI-C Lordotic Cervical Cage into the U.
Le Huec noted that, "In addition, thanks to its large footprint and lordotic expansion mechanism, the force distribution is more anatomical, which reduces the pressure on the endplates.
Spear tackler's spine is a constellation of radiographic and clinical parameters that includes the use of spear tackling techniques, with radiographic development of cervical stenosis, straightening or reversal of the normal cervical lordotic curve, and posttraumatic bony changes (spondylosis).
Maintain a relatively flat upper back with the lower back locked into its normal lordotic curve posture.
The implants are designed with lordotic options for proper sagittal alignment and are treated with LifeNet Health's proprietary PRESERVON([R]) technology for storage at ambient temperature.
It offers an 'all in one' solution for patients undergoing fusion surgery including MIS capability, great footprint, large bone graft chamber, smooth insertion & placement, and unique lordotic expansion designed to correct the sagittal balance.
The uCerv System consists of trapezoidal shaped implants that are available in a parallel or lordotic configuration of various heights (5 mm-12 mm) in 14x12 mm, 15x13 mm, 17x14 mm and a specialty extra-large sizing option of 19x16 ram.
Maintain a slightly arched lower back--the normal lordotic (spine curvature) position.
Re-alignment to the lordotic state is controlled through adjustment knobs that allow for small, micro-incremental manipulation of the fracture site.