lop ear

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outstanding ear

excessive protrusion of the auricle from the head, usually due to failure of the antihelical fold to develop.
Synonym(s): lop ear, protruding ear


Congenital abnormality of the external ear, with poor development of helix and anthelix.
Synonym(s): bat ear

lop ear

A cosmetic deformity of the earlobe in which the upper portion of the earlobe bows out laterally from the head.
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Even within the congenital category, what empirical evidence is there that, for instance, lop ears or excessive facial height can be associated with certain negative personality stereotypes?
TM)] system include prominent ears, cupping, lop ears, concha crus, helical rim compression, Stahl's ear, lidding and Tanzer I constricted ears.
In the boxes were four cold and frightened rabbits, two adult lop ears and two young baby rabbits.