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1. No longer fixed or fully attached, as a tooth.
2. Not compact or dense in arrangement or structure.
3. Relating to a cough that is accompanied by the production of mucus.
4. Characterized by the unrestrained movement of bodily fluids, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Patient discussion about loose

Q. Is there a medication that I can take for loosing weight? Maybe natural remedies? I would like to loose weight fast.

A. Unfortunately the term “no pain, no gain” should also be changed to ”no pain, no lose” here is an endocrinologist that talk about your question exactly:

Q. Will dancing help to loose my body weight? Hi guys, I am planning to reduce my body weight. Will dancing help to loose my body weight?

A. no doubt!
dancing is a great aerobic exercise. it works on so many groups of muscles and on the cardiopulmonary system. and it has another great virtue- it is a sport you enjoy and it's easy to get in a routine of exercises when you go dancing in a group.

Q. What are good ways to loose weight?

A. the right diet and exercise,avoid diet pills they will help you lose the weight but it will leave you with flabby skin,with the right diet and exercise you can lose it all.

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I check at the primary access ladder as I descend for looseness and improper assembly.
Our frustration is to keep about 80-85% of the performance and shelve the looseness.
With the Lipo Active Massage, skin looseness, puffiness, poor circulation, easy bruising and cellulite gradually reduce in intensity providing cellulite sufferers with long-lasting results - not just quick fixes.
A vibration signature taken from an appropriate location in a machine can reveal the presence of the following machine defects: Imbalance, misalignment, imperfect foundation, mechanical looseness, rubs, antifriction bearing defects, faults in belt drive, faults in gears, sleeve bearing looseness, oil whirl, blades/vanes defects, local resonances, etc.
There's a looseness to Deeper Dating that gives people freedom in their gender roles.
As he walks, Alfie's muscles ripple with an increased looseness.
One can interpret the images metaphorically--the modernist rigor and the vibrant looseness as, respectively, left- and right-brain versions of visionary thinking, and the balance represented by all the mirroring as an expression of a harmonic or spiritual equilibrium that each approach seeks.
Ageing skin is characterised by the appearance of, for example, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, looseness and discoloration.
When you hear it, you think of big bands and jitterbug and a looseness of style that went with it.
And this lovely looseness carries over to Cerrudo's own work as a choreographer--an area of endeavor in which he also has begun to enjoy success.
Among the most prevalent of such trends is the looseness of fit of many of the garments the editor saw.