longitudinal tear

lon·gi·tu·di·nal tear

(lon'ji-tū'di-năl tār)
A rip in the articular cartilage roughly parallel to the long axis of the bone.
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There was a large longitudinal tear in the medial retinaculum (Figure 3) with avulsion of attachments from medial border of patella.
These combine a longitudinal tear and a transverse tear.
A BHT is a longitudinal tear of the medial or lateral knee meniscus that extends from the posterior horn toward the anterior horn.
Wewalka et al (13) used four clips to close a 15-mm longitudinal tear in the lower esophageal sphincter after pneumatic dilation for achalasia.
In their technical report on repairing such tears, including horn avulsions, double longitudinal tears, radial tears, and retears, they observed that their own experience in nearly 300 tears was that less than 10% re-tore following repair.
The peroneus brevis tendon (PBT) is the most commonly torn lateral tendon,1 and split longitudinal tears are the most common type of tear.
Overuse is occasionally superimposed on acute injury and can produce longitudinal tears or tethering leading to dysfunction.