longitudinal studies

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longitudinal studies,

n.pl the epidemiologic studies that record data from a respresentative sample at repeated intervals over an extended span of time rather than at a single or limited number over a short period.
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NPA continues to be the leader in parking industry research with longitudinal studies analyzing the dominant trends in the multi-billion dollar parking industry with in-depth sector by sector analysis," said NPA President, Christine Banning, MA, CAE.
Isometsa was the lead investigator for two longitudinal studies of Finnish patients with mood disorders: the Vantaa Primary Care Depression Study and the Jorvi Bipolar Study.
The research will be presented in central London at a Campaign for Social Science event on longitudinal studies attended by David Willetts, minister for Universities and Science.
There are people who have argued that there are different classes of longitudinal studies such as Cohort Study, Trend Study, Panel Study etc.
Finally, recent advances in the analysis of longitudinal data have led to greater confidence in results from longitudinal studies (Hedeker & Gibbons, 2006).
Herpes simplex virus 2 infection increases HIV acquisition in men and women: systematic review and meta-analyses of longitudinal studies.
The longitudinal studies cited above involved poor and minority students.
The plethora of biomarkers will make longitudinal studies too costly and complex to conduct, induce us to increase the resources for studies of environmental hazards, or convince us to alter the way we regulate environmental chemicals and pollutants.
As the above definition lays emphasis on study length as the distinguishing feature of longitudinal research, this indicates that longitudinal studies could fit within quantitative or qualitative (Saldana, 2003) research approaches.
There is something quite satisfying about sinking into Jepsen and colleagues' (Jepsen & Dickson; Jepsen & Sheu) longitudinal studies of Super's developmental tasks and life stages and also into Helwig's longitudinal studies exploring the stability of Holland's typologies.
The record-keeping systems on our campuses are rarely sustaining ambitious, longitudinal studies.
The data upon which the study was based was drawn from the 1996 Census, Statscan's Low-lncome Cut-Off and analysis of Statscans longitudinal studies of children aged 4 to fifteen.

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