long axis view

long ax·is view

in echocardiography or magnetic resonance imaging of the heart, a projection parallel to the ventricular axis and perpendicular to the interventricular septum of the heart; four-chamber view.
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Severely increased interventricular septum is seen at TTE parasternal long axis view
3D TTE parasternal long axis view of the giant interventricular septum
An in-plane imaging approach is not usually used for CVC insertion because the simultaneous visualisation of the needle and vein is difficult with an in-plane approach; a long axis view where a vein is imaged longitudinally.
Just because you can image a single frozen long axis view of something linear and white (that is, echogenic) does not mean that it is an endometrial echo that should be relied upon.
Nasdaq:SONO), with a protocol for a limited exam that initially uses only the parasternal long axis view.
The parasternal long axis view shows an aortic mass attached to the aortic valve