A traditional Hawaiian system of massage that emphasizes the use of two-handed techniques, using elbows, and forearms to apply strokes over a broad area.
See also: massage therapy
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it combines different techniques including Shiatsu, Swedish, Reiki, Lomilomi, Thai, and aromatherapy.
Our escort mentioned that the Lomilomi massage a type of massage wherein the therapist uses the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees and feet in applying pressure in a rhythmic motion"is an experience.
On tap: slack-key guitar by Paul Prince, an lomilomi massage station by Talicia Brown, Whirled Pies pizza and Hawaiian food by Everyday Kine Grindz, and a sale of traditional crafts, such as carved gourds and lauhala bean plant fiber weavings.
The Eastern approach includes variety of disciplines; for example, reflexology, shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, tui na, and lomilomi.
With his new set of skills, he offers specialty massages ranging from Hawaiian LomiLomi and Hot Stone to Sports.
Features individualized Glow Cleanse, daily yoga class, daily gentle hikes, and daily Hawaiian lomilomi massages.
Instead, fork over the cash for a lomilomi massage and gourmet seafood dinner, and make your own poolside Mai Tai at a rental condo.
The food leans to traditional (mahimahi with mashed potatoes), but some dishes show more flavor range, such as sesame-seed seared ahi with ginger scallion sushi rice and lomilomi tomatoes.
This therapy is comprised of ho'oponopono (conflict resolution), deep culture or storytelling, lo'i (taro patch), and Lomilomi, a form of massage therapy.
Increasingly, executives, maxed out mothers, athletes and seniors are walking into spas for Dead Sea salt scrubs, aromatherapy, reiki, seaweed thalassotheraphy, detoxification, body polishes, watsu, rasul, hypnotherapy, grand repechage, four-hands massage, mud wraps, sugar glow, aqua chi, body wraps, breath work, chakra balancing, raindrop therapy, effervescent sea foam packs, gem therapy, Lomilomi and aura imaging.
Renowned for being a soothing, gentle, and relaxing experience, lomilomi is the traditional art of Hawaiian massage.
Enjoy a Hawaiian lomilomi massage, and then cleanse in outdoor lava-rock showers.