logistic model

lo·gis·tic mod·el

a statistical model; in epidemiology, a model of risk as a function of exposure to a risk factor.
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The literature provides alternatives to the VBGM; the most commonly used alternatives are the Gompertz growth model, the logistic model (Ricker 1975), the Schnute model (Schnute 1981), and the Schnute-Richards model (Schnute & Richards 1990).
The MSD for the covariates weighted with the logistic model was 0.
For those factors that reached significance in binary analysis, a multivariate logistic model was applied to calculate adjusted odds ratios for pneumonia infections.
A logistic model was estimated were self-reported happiness (those who were occasionally or mostly happy) was the dependent variable.
Mark Basnett, executive director for Key Growth Sectors at the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership explained the current logistic model of the UK sees 90% of vessels using the south coast ports.
Logistic Model assumes that the function r(x), r(x) = r - sx, s > 0 is the decreasing function of the function x(t), and the linear function of x.
For each health outcome, coefficients of the logistic model were used to calculate the predicted probability of illness of each individual, using his or her unique values for all covariates except for the study group.
Logistic model of seed filling rates of different genotypes and different fertilizer levels showed in graphs (Graphs1-13).
Applying the logistic model to the analysis of the economic system and adjusting a similar growth limiting multiplier and the other rates to the differential equation of capital variation, it is obtained a Logistic capital growth function (Girdzijauskas, Streimikiene 2009, 2010) formula (3):
We present an ordered logistic model that helps to explain (1) students' diverse views and knowledge of evolution, and (2) why college-level instruction about evolution of ten fails to significantly affect students' views about evolution.
The predictability of the Logistic model was similar to that of the Gompertz model (results not shown).

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