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I was, in fact, looking at a plot that has been logged repeatedly for well over a century, but with keen sensitivity over the past several decades.
A user exercises high-level control of any combination of networked DAPcell servers through a familiar interface: industry-standard or customized data acquisition software on any Windows NT or Windows 95/98 PC running a DAPcell client anywhere on the network -- even on a notebook PC that has just logged on.
For mile upon mile with Kevin Wolfe, and later with Len Hunter and Dick Carlson over on the Hood Canal Ranger District, I drive through sturdy younger stands of replanted timber on lower reaches logged only several decades ago.
Superior Water Logged is the pioneer in recovering this lost resource and is providing furniture and instrument makers with antique quality wood that has not been available for almost a century.
At bottom, Kirsihhoff and Alaback at Whitewater Bay site first logged in 1913.