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Relating to locomotion, or movement from one place to another.
Synonym(s): locomotive, locomotory
[L. locus, place, + L. moveo, pp. motus, to move]
adjective Referring to locomotion; in medicine, locomotor is often preferred
noun A train


; locomotive movement from one place to another
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Paradoxically it is also where so many football club chairman look for their playing staff - if locomotive engines can be built cheaper elsewhere, so too can professional footballers.
The alleged CWA violations, included in an amended complaint filed in March 2009, are for the discharge of tons of chlorine, a hazardous substance, from a derailed train tank car and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel from ruptured locomotive engine fuel tanks.
We are proud to be supplying MTU s most powerful locomotive engine for one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in South Africa, said Dr Ulrich Dohle, chief executive at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.
5 million in services related to locomotive and locomotive engine rebuilding and remanufacturing CES increased sales 140 percent to $9.
The LaserHeat pinpoint surface hardening service can be applied to many high-wear components such as spindles, transmission shafts, pump shafts, sleeves, locomotive engine cylinders, hydraulic cylinder rams, mixing paddles, and many other offshore and onshore components that are continually exposed to volatile or stressful environments.
EMA members also have significant involvement in the locomotive engine market.
We are proud to be supplying MTU's most powerful locomotive engine for one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in South Africa," said Dr Ulrich Dohle, CEO at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.
We believe the success of this program will have the potential to carry over into product sales worldwide as other countries move to reduce emissions from their locomotive engine populations.
The exhibits include a historical Maybach GO 5 engine as well as current drive solutions such as an underfloor engine from the Series 1600 and a locomotive engine from the Series 4000.
EMA does not represent the two primary US locomotive engine manufacturers.