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What sets LockJaw pliers apart is that they don't require any fiddling to adjust the space between the jaws when closed.
The conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me a stiff neck or lockjaw.
The doctors he fervently believes in are as incompetent at medicine as he is at fiction: they attribute a case of lockjaw to ptomaine poisoning, for example.
Before you delve into the soil adding fertilisers and manure, check that your tetanus vaccine is up to date - it remains effective for up to 10 years and protects your body from infection that can lead to lockjaw if bacteria that live in the soil gain entry through a scratch.
That's lockjaw, teeth points clamping, on edge, wanting to bite in, nibble something good, but me not knowing how to stop if I did.
Tetanus attacks the jaw muscles first, often causing lockjaw.
Peltier, who contracted lockjaw as a child, cannot chew properly and hasn't received any special meals in prison, according to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee's web site.
The most common developmental anomalies observed were equinovarus (clubfoot) in 27-30 of the children (the chart and text are unclear); cranial nerve defects in 21 of the children, resulting in partial paralysis of certain facial muscles and affecting eye control; and in 10 children arthogryposis, a condition in which certain muscles (in these cases, the legs and/or arms) are in a persistent state of flex or contraction similar to the spasms experienced in lockjaw or muscle cramps.
If you stepped on a rusty nail, you prayed that you didn't get lockjaw and put coal oil on the wound.
In fact, Dillard's doesn't have an extreme case of corporate lockjaw relative t other retailers.
It ultimately cost the father his life, as he died from lockjaw following an accident even before construction actually started, and the son his health.
And while her affected Locust Valley lockjaw probably doesn't endear her to the middle-class women she's targeting, she does marshal her middle-class ethnic background to good purpose in her books and magazine.