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5) 0 (0) Walking, n (%) Aids Used (n) 2 Crutches 1 -- 2 Tetrapods -- -- No Aids 7 22 HS = healthy subject, SD = standard deviation, TFA-LK = subject with transfemoral amputation with prosthesis with locked knee, TFA-UK = subject with transfemoral amputation with prosthesis with unlocked knee, TTA = subject with transtibial amputation.
In general, these studies indicated that kinematic parameters, especially knee flexion during swing phase and pelvic motion, improved when subjects walked with a stance-control device compared with a completely locked knee joint.
Although I don't think locked knees are best for anyone, because locked knees interrupt any hope of body flow, which is often essential when a buck or bull is drifting slowly by (not on the run, or the bowhunter wouldn't shoot at all) but simply ambling along.
Locked knees, flat feet and hyper-extended joints, especially when directing the feet toward the floor may result from improper body alignment.
He proclaims that in ballet "everything is done with stiff necks, locked knees and limp wrists," neglecting to tell us that Lincoln Kirstein once nearly recruited him for New York City Ballet.
I'D HAVE felt sorry for the young mum battling with her screaming two-year-old outside Woolworths the other day (I've been there, know the embarrassment when little darling goes rigid and refuses to sit in his pushchair, but those were the olden days when a quick slap was allowed, though a poke behind the locked knees to make them bend works just as well).
When we let go of hunched shoulders, locked knees, or hyper-extended backs, we begin to get back to our primal state of grace.
There is obvious appeal here to unconditional admirers of Fosse's style, with its quirks of angularity, locked knees and ankles, thrusting hips, rolling shoulders, and exaggerated backward leaning.