localized peritonitis

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lo·cal·ized per·i·to·ni·tis

peritonitis confined to a demarcated region of the peritoneal cavity.

localized peritonitis

Peritonitis confined to the area immediately surrounding an abscess, inflamed organ, or leak. Synonym: circumscribed peritonitis
See also: peritonitis
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According to Neimeier (1934), GB perforations are classified into three categories: Type I (acute) includes free perforation into the peritoneal cavity with generalized peritonitis, type II (sub-acute) describes localized perforation with pericholecystic abscess and localized peritonitis and type III (chronic) patients with cholecystoenteric fistulas.
indicated that percutaneous drainage and IV antibiotic administration is sufficient for treatment of patients in stable condition with localized peritonitis.
Infantile granulomatous urachal abscess with acute localized peritonitis and appendicitis.

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