local treatment

local treatment,

n application of medicine to a specific location or a specific symptom.
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Ambitious plans which would also see more local treatment and care for patients throughout South East Wales will go before government ministers next year.
This is the next very important phase in developing radiation therapy plans for the local treatment of cancer patients in Bermuda.
For spinal tumor treatment, radiation therapy plays an important role in pain management, the local treatment of spinal tumors and the prevention of pathologic fractures.
We have taken up six projects on pilot basis for decentralised water supply and local treatment of sewage in a small treatment plant in the colony itself.
To date, EBC-46 has been successful in the local treatment of a range of tumours in horses, dogs and cats.
By partnering up with local treatment centers, they are offering to cover the out of pocket cost of as many patients as possible.
Mucosal melanomas have exhibited a greater tendency for distant recurrence than for local treatment failure, which is why adjuvant radiation therapy has not been shown to confer any consistent benefit.
In the lab, civil engineer Patrick McNamara of Marquette University in Milwaukee and colleagues simulated sewage sludge treatment, starting with microbes from a local treatment plant that had been exposed to triclosan.
The local treatment is 100% tolerated by all skin types and helps correct and prevent pigmentation irregularities, leaving the skin's complexion even and smooth.
Most importantly, the development of clinical rabies in humans can be prevented through local treatment of wounds and timely immunization even after exposure to the virus, an intervention which is known as "post-exposure prophylaxis" (PEP).
Statin users were more likely to undergo surgery (24%) or to receive local treatment (28%) compared with non-statin users, 18% of whom had surgery and 15% of whom had local treatment.
NBTXR3, the lead compound of Nanobiotix's NanoXray product pipeline, is a nanoparticle formulation of hafnium oxide crystals for the local treatment of tumors to enhance the efficiency of radiotherapy.