noninfiltrating lobular carcinoma

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non·in·fil·trat·ing lob·u·lar car·ci·no·ma

carcinoma of the breast in which small tumor cells fill preexisting acini within lobules, without invading the surrounding stroma.
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14-17) Furthermore, the inherent subjectivity in rendering a morphologic diagnosis of LCIS can represent an additional variable, and many studies have used the term lobular neoplasia to encompass LCIS and ALH lesions.
In a series reported by Esserman et al, (18) cases of lobular neoplasia were characterized as diffuse when greater than 1 lobule/core was involved by lobular neoplasia.
The lesions biopsied in this study included invasive cancer, Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), ADH, lobular neoplasia as well as benign lesions including fibroadenomas, fat necrosis and FDC.
A biopsy-confirmed atypical lobular neoplasia, sometimes known as an ALN.
BOSTON -- Ductal lavage is technically feasible in patients diagnosed with lobular neoplasia, reported Marie Ward, M.
2,6) Lobular neoplasia or lobular carcinoma in situ can involve papillary lesions.
11-13) Immunohistochemical staining for E-cadherin can be used to differentiate ductal versus lobular carcinoma in situ because membranous staining is seen in most DCIS and negative staining is seen in lobular neoplasia.
2,3) The E-cadherin immunohistochemical stain is increasingly being used to identify lobular neoplasia and has been shown to be helpful in classifying carcinomas in situ with indeterminate features as either ductal or lobular.
In situ lobular neoplasia (LN) of the breast was first documented by Ewing (1) in 1919 in 2 photomicrographs with the captions "atypical proliferation of acinar cells" and "precancerous changes .
2) In studying the extent of lobular neoplasia (ALH or LCIS) as focal ([less than or equal to] 1 lobule affected per core biopsy) or diffuse (>1 lobule affected per core biopsy), as well as correlating the mammographic findings, we found that only those biopsies (2 of 26) with diffuse lobular neoplasia were upgraded at excision to infiltrating carcinoma.
What is the significance of incidental lobular neoplasia (ALH or LCIS) on core needle breast biopsy?