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In 1993, Linda Daschle took a break from her lobbying career (she was by then senior vice president of the American Association of Airport Executives), when Bill Clinton appointed her to be deputy administrator of the FAA.
For all the brilliance there is at the CEO level, there's a lot of naivete about how you can really affect policy in Washington," says Terry Bracy of Bracy and Williams, another experienced lobbying firm.
Being a young industry, Mexican lobbying has developed a flexibility perhaps absent in countries where the profession has more history.
Some suggest that nursing homes are already at somewhat of a disadvantage in lobbying this way at the Federal level, in that they are relatively scattered geographically compared, say, to the insurance industry, the AARP and service-worker unions.
Rothman also recommended the IRS allow the option of reporting recharacterized expenses from past years as lobbying expenses on current-year returns because "organizations can't determine in advance which monitoring activities eventually will develop into actual lobbying communications.
Consistent with the section 4911 rules, the proposed regulations narrowly define a "lobbying communication" as one that refers to specific legislation and reflects a view on that legislation, or that clarifies or supports a prior lobbying communication.
The lobbying budget, however, does not reflect the efforts of the office of general counsel, which provides legal assistance, or of the other offices with which the lobbyists regularly work.
1) that would eliminate provisions of the Senate bill dealing with grassroots lobbying firms and ensure that churches and many other public interest organizations and individuals would not be subject to lobbying regulations.
Lobbying as noted by Berg (2007) is an accepted and legal process that allows the voice of citizen groups, association, labor union, corporations and others to be heard in the political arena.
There seems to be an inverse relationship between the growth of lobbying and its effects on how citizens view government, according to "The Ethics of Lobbying," a handbook from the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.
With the release of the most recent lobbying reports, it's clear that Chesapeake Energy is well on its way to a second year on the top 50 lobbying spenders list, having spent $958,490 lobbying since January 1, 2010.