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Even the stethoscope is often not sensitive enough to diagnose a simple lobar pneumonia.
8% of total cases of which the maximum share was of Lobar pneumonia (34.
No lobar pneumonia or other striking findings were seen, and two blinded radiologists were completely unable to distinguish MPV disease from RSV pneumonia, Dr.
Lobar pneumonia - infection of a lung lobe due to infection
The disease often manifests as pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, or lobar pneumonia, with or without bacteremia [4].
Mrs Melia, a retired post-room supervisor, was certified dead by Dr Shipman who said cause of death was lobar pneumonia and emphysema.
In this study lobar pneumonia was the most common radiological finding which was noted in 39 (78%) patients, of which 26 patients had mid-to-lower zone consolidation, 8 patients had whole lung consolidation, 2 patients had upper zone consolidation and 3 had bilateral pneumonia.
Pneumonia: with special reference to pneumococcus lobar pneumonia.
On that Friday night, Iris was admitted to the floor, stabilized, and found to have a lobar pneumonia.
Chest radiograph revealed a right upper lobar pneumonia.
Large areas of right upper lobe necrosis were mixed with areas corresponding grossly to lobar pneumonia.
Indeed, in a child with lobar pneumonia and pleural effusion, the lobar consolidation can be so extensive--the so-called white-out--that you can't distinguish it from the effusion.