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1. Having life; alive.
2. Of, relating to, or containing living bacteria or active viruses, sometimes in an attenuated form.

Patient discussion about live

Q. do we need the esophagus to live? If we were to take our esophagus away would we still live?

A. Principally, yes. Feeding can be done through a hole in the stomach (PEG). Life is possible this way, although one may argue about the quality of life in this situation.

Q. How long can an alcoholic expect to live? My nephew who was an alcoholic died in his early age of 35. My uncle who was also an alcoholic died in his age of 48. How long can an alcoholic expect to live?

A. I am sorry. My dad who is an alcoholic too always advice me from his experience that an alcoholic will die younger than they would if they were not using alcohol. There are two sides to this: physiological and psychological. The destructive effect that alcohol has on the human body when used to excess may shorten expected lifespan. This list is long, from brain damage to liver failure.
The psychological side is the likelihood that goofy behavior caused by the use of alcohol may kill them. The list here is endless. Driving while drunk, getting in violent confrontations, taking idiotic risks, using power tools while blitzed. One way or another, the odds are good that this person will die much earlier than if they were not drinking.

Q. how long do u live with lupus? why do we get lupus? why was i hit with it along with all my other medical problems? i dont understand why..

A. well i've had it now for 1 yr and i'm still going

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I moved back to my home town up north five years ago after living down south for 20 years.
David Paymer stars as Jonah Malloy, a mob boss considerably more modestly low-rent than Tony Soprano - he's a guy you could possibly if uncomfortably envision living down the street from you.
HAIR-RAISING I had a hard time living down this hair style
Maybe she was all partied out from Turkey and Cannes, or maybe she was still living down the embarrassment of getting caught in a "compromising position" on a yacht.
The people living down there wanted something like this put in place,'' said Ed Delesdernier, a Palmdale sheriff's station volunteer who is organizing the Acton volunteer unit.
William Shatner spent a lot of the '90s living down that disastrously pretentious CD from the '60s, ``The Transformed Man'' (must listening for the ironic masochist), not to mention his fairly ham-fisted acting style, and that was a good thing.