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1. Having life; alive.
2. Of, relating to, or containing living bacteria or active viruses, sometimes in an attenuated form.

Patient discussion about live

Q. do we need the esophagus to live? If we were to take our esophagus away would we still live?

A. Principally, yes. Feeding can be done through a hole in the stomach (PEG). Life is possible this way, although one may argue about the quality of life in this situation.

Q. How long can an alcoholic expect to live? My nephew who was an alcoholic died in his early age of 35. My uncle who was also an alcoholic died in his age of 48. How long can an alcoholic expect to live?

A. I am sorry. My dad who is an alcoholic too always advice me from his experience that an alcoholic will die younger than they would if they were not using alcohol. There are two sides to this: physiological and psychological. The destructive effect that alcohol has on the human body when used to excess may shorten expected lifespan. This list is long, from brain damage to liver failure.
The psychological side is the likelihood that goofy behavior caused by the use of alcohol may kill them. The list here is endless. Driving while drunk, getting in violent confrontations, taking idiotic risks, using power tools while blitzed. One way or another, the odds are good that this person will die much earlier than if they were not drinking.

Q. how long do u live with lupus? why do we get lupus? why was i hit with it along with all my other medical problems? i dont understand why..

A. well i've had it now for 1 yr and i'm still going

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But choosing not to take out insurance is a decision that you could really live to regret.
Derek attempts to make a few quid by muscling in on Ian's businesses, so Lucy takes revenge by spiking Alice's drink at a party - it's a decision she may live to regret.
They may be overcome with guilt about their snog, but that doesn't stop them, in a weak moment, jumping into bed together - something they may live to regret.
Rangers may live to regret it - especially if they don't hustle to replace him.
Elsewhere, Mercedes and Carl again find themselves alone and struggling to battle temptation, and young Tom knocks an intruder unconscious, but may live to regret playing the hero.
The multinational's behaviour is morally reprehensible and it'll live to regret it if a customer backlash hits sales and turns the firm into a pariah.
But some times it's players who could live to regret having things inked on their bodies.
He was an al Qaida "wannabe" groomed by older men and may live to regret it when he matures into an adult.
I would like to think this tale had a happy ending and someone picked the dog up and took it to the police, but if its original owner had thrown it out, I hope they live to regret it.
We need to re-appraise what is happening, before we live to regret it.
But the Prime Minister may live to regret his reference in the Commons to a sparsely-supported petition on the Downing Street website.
But I hope we don't live to regret the way we have treated him.