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listening posts, in craniosacral therapy, the places on the body from which the therapist can perceive the flow of cerebrospinal fluid or energy in the patient. The ankles or the occiput (i.e., the base of the skull) are the standard listening posts.
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While it is certainly necessary for marketers to continue doing periodic strategic satisfaction surveys containing 20 or more questions on a range of competitive variables like products, pricing and promotion, the new little listening posts can help us in our day-to-day fine-tuning of our operations.
Alan Hunt, senior buying manager for music at Tesco, said that where the listening posts had been tested, they had demonstrated significant added value to the entertainment offer.
The British bases were a recent Iraqi target and the listening posts failed on the matter of WMDs.
This complex, which I am calling empire," he writes, "consists of permanent naval bases, military airfields, army garrisons, espionage listening posts, and strategic enclaves on every continent of the globe.
His challenge was to devise computer models of ocean acoustics that would make it possible to take signals received at underwater listening posts and trace them back to their sources--for instance, enemy submarines.
The British Library in London has introduced record-shop style listening posts to enable visitors to listen to their choice of number one hits from the last 50 years.
The new library would boast listening posts, 23 computers and a ``children's book den''.
The broadcast of rapidfire Russian overheard by listening posts also lent credence to the rumors that the MiG drivers from over the Yalu were Soviet.
intelligence agencies, with a staff of some 38,000 people, an additional 25,000 non-staff personnel in listening posts, and an annual budget estimated at $7.
s RLS division has been actively installing its Web Bar Listening Posts and Galaxy Systems in a number of retail stores across Canada and the United States.
The top-secret Echelon project uses satellites and listening posts, including GCHQ at Cheltenham, and was set up to monitor the Soviet military.
Information from the database contained confidential installation and network details of the Bank of England, security services, Buckingham Palace and Government listening posts and safe houses.