gamma-hydroxybutyric acid

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γ-hydroxybutyric acid

Central nervous system depressant causing relaxation, loss of muscle tone and reduced inhibitions. Effects are enhanced when mixed with alcohol. Previously sold in health food stores as a performance-enhancing drug until banned by the FDA in 1990. Sometimes vernacularly termed date rape drug.
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Sometimes called Georgia Home Boy, liquid ecstasy, or G, GHB slows the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), causing a sedative effect.
GHB, also known as liquid Ecstasy, was banned in the UK in July and dealers now face a five-year jail penalty with up to two years for possession.
On January 1 the federal government outlawed so-called party drugs: liquid ecstasy, psyilocybin, "magic" mushrooms and derivatives of the peyote cactus such as mescalin.
comes in three forms;' including "GHB, also called liquid Ecstasy," and "Herbal Ecstasy, also known as ma huang or ephedra" (a legal stimulant), as well as "MDMA, or chemical Ecstasy.
GHB, also know as liquid ecstasy, is expected to be made a Class C drug by next summer.
The police found GHB, commonly referred to as the ``date-rape'' drug or liquid ecstasy, in a bottle of cold medicine on the console.
The family of the Stirling University student had called for a fresh probe into his death after a toxicology report found levels of liquid ecstasy in his system.
They feed them cheap cocaine, pills and liquid ecstasy so they rack up huge debts, trapping and forcing them to become dealers and, in some cases, drug mules.
Last night, fellow clubbers said the women had taken GHB, so-called liquid ecstasy.
The drug became popular in the 1990s club scene where it was often referred to as liquid Ecstasy, causing intoxication or having an anaesthetic effect on users, although large doses can prove fatal.
It can be added to water or alcohol and is known as liquid Ecstasy and as a date rape drug.
A toxicologist who carried out tests on 27-year-old Mark Lewis' body found cocaine, GHB - also known as liquid Ecstasy - alcohol, and the prescription drugs Diazepam and Prozac, in his system.