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1) Condition severity factors Type of spina bifida Lipomeningocele 67 (59.
But the news brought by the doctor after delivery described an infant girl with multiple congenital defects, including lipomeningocele, single umbilical artery, bilateral club feet (equinovalgus and equinovarus), left dysplastic and right multicystic kidneys, hypospadic urethral meatus, neurogenic bladder, and cleft clitoris.
Anorectal pressure monitoring during surgery on sacral lipomeningocele.
With respect to type of lesion, 51 (74%) had myelomeningocele, 7 (10%) had lipomeningocele, 6 (9%) had encephalocele, 3 (4%) had meningocele, and 2 (2%) had spina bifida occulta.
Along with some new chapter authors, this edition is in full color, has more emphasis on clinical management strategies, and has seven new chapters on patient care, cellular therapy for pediatric neurosurgical disease, conjoined twins, lipomeningoceles, skeletal syndromes, radiotherapy of brain tumors, and Moyamoya disease, as well as clinical pearls in each chapter.