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affected with or of the nature of lipoma.


Pertaining to or manifesting the features of lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).


Etymology: Gk, lipos, fat, oma, tumor
pertaining to or resembling a benign tumor made up of mature fat cells.


Pertaining to or manifesting the features of a lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).


(li-po'ma ) [ lipo- + -oma, ]
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A benign fatty tumor. They often appear in crops on the arms or trunk but are not metastatic. lipomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: illustration; chondrolipoma

lipoma arborescens

An abnormal treelike accumulation of fatty tissue in a joint.

cystic lipoma

A lipoma containing cysts.

diffuse lipoma

A lipoma not definitely circumscribed.

lipoma diffusum renis

A condition in which fat displaces parenchyma of the kidney. Synonym: lipomatosis renis

lipoma durum

A lipoma with marked hypertrophy of the fibrous stroma and capsule.

nasal lipoma

A fibrous growth of the subcutaneous tissue of the nostrils.

osseous lipoma

A lipoma in which the connective tissue has undergone calcareous degeneration.

lipoma telangiectodes

A rare form of lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels.


Pertaining to a LIPOMA.


affected with, or of the nature of, lipoma.
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7) PET imaging is useful in the scenario of the commonly encountered lipomatous lesion because it may distinguish the simple lipomas that have only minimal metabolism from those lesions that may have a higher metabolic rate such as hibernomas and malignant liposarcomas.
As mentioned previously, most, if not all, cases previously reported as lipomatous medulloblastoma or similar entities represent liponeurocytoma.
The authors have described a rare entity presumed to represent lipomatous metaplasia.
A large lipomatous mass was found occupying the entire anterior mediastinum draped over the pericardium, extending to both pleural spaces.
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Pathologic examination of the specimen revealed the typical pattern of lipomatous hypertrophy with large accumulation of adipose tissue (Fig.
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Adrenal lipomatous tumours (ALTs) are rarely encountered in clinical practice and consequently little is known about their clinical features.
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Intracranial hamartomas can be subdivided into lipomatous and glioneuronal types.
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