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a benign fatty tumor usually composed of mature fat cells.


A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
Synonym(s): adipose tumor
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]


/lip·o·ma/ (lip-o´mah) a benign, soft, rubbery, encapsulated tumor of adipose tissue, usually composed of mature fat cells.


(lĭ-pō′mə, lī-)
n. pl. lipo·mata (-mə-tə) or lipo·mas
A benign tumor composed chiefly of fat cells.

li·pom′a·tous (-pŏm′ə-təs) adj.


[lipō′mə] pl. lipomas, lipomata
Etymology: Gk, lipos + oma, tumor
a benign tumor consisting of mature fat cells. Also called adipose tumor. See also multiple lipomatosis. lipomatous, adj.
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Adipose tumor Dermatology A benign fatty tumor which may occur in virtually any site in the body. See Myelolipoma, Myolipoma, Spindle cell lipoma.


, pl. lipomas (li-pō'mă, -măz)
A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]


(li-po'ma ) [ lipo- + -oma, ]
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A benign fatty tumor. They often appear in crops on the arms or trunk but are not metastatic. lipomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: illustration; chondrolipoma

lipoma arborescens

An abnormal treelike accumulation of fatty tissue in a joint.

cystic lipoma

A lipoma containing cysts.

diffuse lipoma

A lipoma not definitely circumscribed.

lipoma diffusum renis

A condition in which fat displaces parenchyma of the kidney. Synonym: lipomatosis renis

lipoma durum

A lipoma with marked hypertrophy of the fibrous stroma and capsule.

nasal lipoma

A fibrous growth of the subcutaneous tissue of the nostrils.

osseous lipoma

A lipoma in which the connective tissue has undergone calcareous degeneration.

lipoma telangiectodes

A rare form of lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels.


A non-malignant tumour of fatty tissue. Lipomas may occur in fat anywhere in the body and grow slowly to form soft, smooth swellings. They seldom cause problems but can be removed if disfiguring.


A usually benign tumor of fatty tissue.
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benign neoplasm of adipose tissue


, pl. lipomas (li-pōmă, -măz)
A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]

lipoma (lipō´mə),

n a benign tumor characterized by fat cells.


a benign fatty tumor usually composed of mature fat cells. They have a special importance in horses, in which the pedunculated tumors in the abdominal cavity uncommonly twist themselves around a loop of small intestine, sometimes just below the pylorus or around the rectum. The occurrence of this particular form of colic is limited to horses 12 years or older. The clinical signs are not diagnostic except that the strangulation of the rectum causes a purse-string closure of the lumen just inside the anus and is easily detected at rectal examination.

infiltrating lipoma
skin lipoma
localized nodules of normal looking fat in sucutaneous tissue in most species.

Patient discussion about lipoma

Q. can lypoma be cure with age of 45 female 100% i have lypoma at back between arm from long time my age is 45 also has problem of sorises let me know how can it be cured

A. Nothing is 100% in medicine, so no one can guarantee you anything. However, provided it's indeed lipoma (a benign tumor, not cancer which is called liposarcoma), then it's not suppose to cause any specific problems after it's removed surgically.

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