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Relating to lipemia.


Relating to lipemia; describes milky appearance in serum and plasma.
Synonym(s): lipaemic.


(li-pe'me-a) [ lipo- + -emia]
An abnormal amount of fat in the blood.

alimentary lipemia

An accumulation of fat in the blood after eating.

lipemia retinalis

A condition in which retinal vessels appear reddish white or white; found in cases of hyperlipidemia.
See: hyperlipoproteinemialipemic (-mik), adjective
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Too many lipemic samples are often due to non- dissemination of information regarding patient preparation by the clinicians, non -compliance and/or miscomprehension by the patient.
The LX4201 spectrophotometrically inspects for and reports three potentially interfering substances: icterus, hemolysis, and lipemic.
When it is determined that a patient sample is lipemic, notifying the ordering practitioner is important in order to determine if a patient can be put on a lipid-free diet with follow-up blood work a few hours later.
Furthermore, the sample appearance was clear and not grossly viscous or lipemic.
Triaging lipemic samples to larger reference laboratories or core facilities maybe impractical because of extended turnaround times and specimen rejection of lipemic samples, thus hindering patient care.
2) Many clinical analytes are found in the aqueous layer of plasma/serum, thus decreasing certain test values in lipemic specimens, while lipid-soluble analytes may be erroneously elevated.
What factors can influence the measurement of lipemic index?
This case demands the attention of clinicians towards early diagnosis of hypertriglyceridemia and related consequences like coronary artery disease and pancreatitis in an infant with lipemic sample.
If a result from a lipemic or hyperproteinemic sample is recognized as being misleading, another approach has been to first estimate the serum water fraction by the following equation (12):
Initial laboratory tests were cancelled due to a high lipemic index of 7 (Beckman UniCel[R] DxC).
Although heparin has potential to clear lipemic serum (7) by stimulating lipase activity, it was avoided to prevent unwanted risk of bleeding.