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Mann-Whitney test was used for comparison of the HMG-CoA reductase and hepatic lipase means.
The lipolytic activity of lipase is responsible for the development of rancidity along with the deterioration of the oil (Cancino et al.
Serum amylase was found to be 78 U/L (normal range 25-98 U/L) and serum lipase 149 U/L (normal range 10-190 U/L).
Guangdong, China), uncoated lipase (UC-LIP, from Bacillus stearothermophilus, 10,935U/g, Zhuhai Tiankai Biochemical Co.
Regulation of the synthesis, processing and translocation of lipoprotein lipase.
Data shows no significant association between lipoprotein lipase gene polymorphisms rs320, rs285, rs328 and stroke in the Colombian simple analyzed; suggesting that this polymorphism cannot be used as genetic markers to predict risk for stroke development.
Increment in lipase production by Acromobacter xylosoxidans TS2MCN and B.
Among 77 patients with elevated serum lipase more than 3 folds of normal limit, only 65 cases are diagnosed as case of acute pancreatitis by multi-detector computed tomography.
The total enzymes sale was a few million dollars annually until 1960s (Wilke, 1999) however, the demand for lipase is increasing day by day (Bornscheuer et al.
Producao de lipase por fermentacao em estado solido Os experimentos de producao da enzima foram conduzidos em colunas aeradas, incubadas em banho-maria a 32[degrees]C e alimentada com 1,0vvm (volume de ar por volume de meio por minuto) de ar, baseado nos experimentos de MACEDO et al.
We have previously characterized the thermo-alkalophilic lipase (LipSBS) from Geobacillus SBS-4S [3].