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In this study, there were significant differences for bolls per plant and lint percentage among the three types.
In the words of de Lint and Hall, "by helping strikers to 'get their message' across, police are both enabling and reinforcing the construction of strikes as mere forms of communication rather than substantial threats to capital or authority" (p.
The dual-saw cleaner retains about 6 more pounds of good fiber than a standard lint cleaner, with no significant difference in fiber quality," he says.
This sample was ginned on a 10-saw laboratory gin, after which, the lint and seed fractions were weighed, and lint percentage was calculated by dividing lint fraction by total weight of seed and lint and multiplying by 100.
Another new cleaning product ties in with Evercare's heritage in lint pickup: a large surface roller that is either handheld or on a telescoping handle.
Figure 2 shows lint deposited at the intake to a gas burner cone.
1978) lists the average cotton lint yield under irrigated conditions for the Sharkey series as 560 kg [ha.
Mahaffy of the King's University College in Edmonton, Alberta, and his colleagues tested dryer lint in an effort to determine the exposure of radiator-repair shop workers and their family members.
Lint leaves Citibank Canada where he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to take up his new position.
a leading provider of SoC Realization solutions for the semiconductor and electronic systems industries, announced today at the 49th Design Automation Conference (DAC) the availability of a Fast Lint methodology for its SpyGlass RTL analysis and optimization platform.
KARACHI -- The cotton market remained devoid of activity on Wednesday due to short supply of quality lint.
MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have advised farmers to spread the cotton bolls, that are still not open, exposed before sunshine to obtain maximum lint after the last picking and then allow animals graze to kill Larvae of pink bollworm and get soil enriched by animal waste.