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Only 1 report of chromosomal data is available, for Lingula anatina (Yatsu 1902, Cohen & Weydmann 2005), and C value data are available for only 2 species; these were determined by Hinegardner (unpubl).
Fakat lobar bronslarin dikkatli diseksiyonu ve palpasyonu sonrasi lober karinadaki tumorun ust lob icine uzanmadigi, lingula ve ust divizyon ayriminin selim oldugu goruldu.
9-cm subpleural nodules in the left lung--one in the anterior lingula and the other in the anterior segment of the upper lobe (figure 2).
No gallstones, strictures, or bile duct dilatation were visualized; bronchiectasis (Figure 2) was present in the lingula and right middle lobe.
The lobar bronchi to the lingula and the left lower lobe were narrowed.
In further research, we observed slight differences in apatite lattice parameters in the shells from a local population of Recent Lingula anatina (Lamarck) (Puura & Nemliher 2001) and that the lattice parameter a in subfossil Discinisca tenuis (Sowerby) was slightly lower than that of the Recent shells (Nemliher & Kallaste 2002).
A computed tomogram of the chest showed peripheral infiltrates in the upper and lower lobes of both lungs with consolidation (versus atelectasis) in the lingula and right middle lobe.
An increasing number of patients have nodules, bronchiolitis, and bronchiectasis involving the middle lobe and lingula.
An image at the level of the hila showed a masslike area of consolidation with another cavitary nodule seen in the lingula (Figure 3).