lingual cusp

lin·gual cusp

(linggwăl kŭsp)
Elevation of the crown of a tooth located toward the tongue. May be single, as on a premolar, or multiple, as on a molar. If multiple, designated as to mesial or distal sides (e.g., mesiolingual or distolingual).
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The lingual cusp height of corresponding teeth on the left and right cheek tooth rows differed significantly in the skulls with different rostral orientation.
The lingual cusp heights were measured on both cheek tooth rows in 84 Finnish adult moose skulls previously checked for rostral orientation.
18) The researchers created class V lesions in 40 extracted teeth, restored them with resin composites, and then subjected the teeth to 150 Newtons of occlusal pressure on the buccal cusps, lingual cusps and central fossae.