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Inspired by the professional kitchen and created with the home chef in mind, the PRO line pairs high- performance features with those that make preparing gourmet meals easier and more enjoyable for both the male and female cooking enthusiast.
The system's spatial resolution provides a detailed representation of tissue, microcalcification and septations in the breast, up to a level of nine to 10 line pairs per millimeter," states Gopaalakrishnan.
For example, the LC05-6 is an ideal approach to secondary surge protection of both Tip & Ring line pairs in a T1/E1 line card.
The upgrade lens is capable of distinguishing up to 150 line pairs per millimeter, which is nearly four times the precision of the previous lens," he added.
9 line pairs per millimetre, plus an ability to rotate the scanning arm, thereby altering the initially recorded viewing angle, eases the task of making a detailed study of an injury.
The TC03A-200 protects up to two Tip & Ring line pairs with wide firing range (from -5V to -100V) and gate firing voltage that is automatically being referenced to the battery voltage.
The new TC04A-200 protects up to four Tip & Ring line pairs, making it cost-effective for multi-SLIC line applications.