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Tilia (tēˑ·lē·),

n parts used: flowers, fruits; uses: antispasmodic, nervine, indigestion, cold, colic, diuretic, mild gallbladder conditions; precautions: none known. Also called
lime flower or
linden flower.
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Unfortunately, the mentioned linden tree line absorbs expressiveness of the historical wooden building of Pludona street as well.
Pick up a bicycle or just start walking under the shadow of the linden trees lining the cobbled streets and you will soon lose track of time.
Midmarket: Under the Linden Tree, 1 Elin Pelin Street, 00-359-286-65053, podlipitebg.
History might well have been different had Nijinsky's brother Minsky not lost a shoe and cut his hock during the race or had his saddle not slipped and ended up round his neck - he was beaten only a head by Linden Tree at the line.
What tree is known as a linden tree in North America?
Sue was a big fan of Priestley's work and her last work for the theatre was a production of his play The Linden Tree.
The giant spoon stretches 52 feet across a small pond shaped like a linden tree seed.
Word for some reason has only just reached me of the death of Sue Teers, a month after her summer production of J B Priestley's 1947 play The Linden Tree at the Talisman Theatre, Kenilworth, where she was artistic director.
Franklin, Dolly's father, knew that it would not be easy to pay so many dollars a quarter, but he was tempted by two things, there was a lovely view of the lower country and the salt water from the windows of the front bed room upstairs, and in the front yard there was a beautiful young linden tree which had grown on the lawn through which the new street had been made.
95, with pear, linden tree sap and vine flower, and Revlon's Fire & Ice Cool, pounds 14.
The linden drink, for example, is made from linden tree flowers.